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Bride And Groom Jumped From Mountain With Wedding Guests

When people dream of their wedding, it usually involves a beautiful and romantic venue with a flower-bedecked stage with the bride and groom dressed in their finest. However, new-age couples are ditching traditional settings and looking for unique ways to celebrate their most important day.

According to media reports, a couple recently chose an adventure not only for themselves but also for the bars during the wedding ceremony to celebrate their marriage in a unique way that may not be seen in history.

In the viral video, a bride and groom are seen skydiving from a high cliff with their wedding guests and enjoying it. In particular, the couple, identified as Priscilla Ant and Filippo Le Queris, tied the knot on the edge of a cliff and then made the sensational decision to jump off to celebrate a new beginning. All persons present at the wedding were equipped with appropriate safety equipment.

This post was shared by @lalibretamorada on Instagram. The video was titled, ‘We are the leaps we take. The hands that hold us, the flight that reminds us that there is life after courage. The Marriage of Priscilla and Philipp. 



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