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Illegal Hiring on Posts in Balochistan’s Education Department Unearthed

Balochistan’s Secondary Education Department (SED) has reached an agreement with different stakeholders to withdraw their stay petition filed in Balochistan High Court (BHC) against recruitment in the department.

In a brief order issued in the case previously, BHC had issued a stay order against the induction in SED. The withdrawal of the petition will pave the way for recruitment in SED.

However, Balochistan’s Education Minister, Mir Naseebullah Khan Marri, has already finalized the merit lists for thousands of posts in SED. The merit lists contain more than 1,700 blue-eyed supporters of the Education Minister.

The merit lists have allegedly been made with the collusion of SED’s senior officials. The forged merit lists will take effect once the stay petition is officially withdrawn from BHC.

Concerned citizens have urged Chief Secretary (CS) Balochistan, Mathar Niaz Rana, to intervene immediately and stop the illegal recruitment process. They have called on CS Balochistan to initiate the recruitment process in a transparent manner.

Previously, Balochistan’s Finance Department had also asked SED not to induct new employees until receiving clearance for the thousands of vacant posts in SED.



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