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President Alvi emphasizes the significance of transparency and accountability during Telenor’s Ethics and Business event.

President Alvi has urged the advancement of strategic approaches centered on transparency and ethics at both the organizational and corporate levels. His remarks were made during a discussion on ethics and business held at Telenor Pakistan Campus 345. The event, titled “Ethics and Business: Friends or Foes,” was organized by Telenor Pakistan, known for its commitment to ethical business conduct. Attendees included President Alvi, government officials, corporate leaders, and Telenor Pakistan management.

The event shed light on the current state of ethical and transparent business practices in the country and explored ways to strengthen the foundation of organizations. President Alvi also recognized Telenor’s 17-year presence in Pakistan by cutting a cake and expressing his well wishes for the company’s future endeavors.

Throughout its history, Telenor Pakistan has operated with a strong ethical compass, prioritizing transparency and contributing to the country’s development. In his speech, President Arif Alvi emphasized the importance of cultivating a responsible workplace culture that upholds the highest moral standards, leading to good corporate governance. He expressed his desire for Pakistan to become a strong nation with a society that promotes a culture of transparency and morality.

President Alvi stated, “Shareholders and corporate leaders have a responsibility to uphold truly noble values. Maintaining discipline, safety measures, environmental awareness, employee welfare, and market balance are crucial factors.” He also commended Telenor Pakistan for its role as an industry leader, implementing an effective anti-corruption program that actively prevents misconduct, safeguards fair business practices, and protects reputations.

CEO of Telenor Pakistan, Irfan Wahab Khan, expressed gratitude to President Arif Alvi for his active participation in the event. He reaffirmed Telenor Pakistan’s unwavering commitment to serving the nation while adhering to the highest standards of ethics, compliance, and morality. Khan emphasized the need for the business community to join forces in creating an inviting environment for investment and prosperity as Pakistan progresses towards becoming a diverse, multicultural, and global economy.

During the panel discussion, industry leaders from the public and private sectors highlighted the importance of fostering a supportive workplace culture and the necessity to move away from traditional perspectives. They also discussed the role of companies in establishing a fair and accountable business environment and the significance of good corporate governance.

The experts deliberated on the vital role of leadership in promoting transparency and the responsibilities of the government in this regard. In closing, the participants emphasized the importance of anti-corruption initiatives, emphasizing that trust can be achieved through regulations and adequate governance, leading to a fair and prosperous Digital Pakistan.



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