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Petrol and diesel prices are set to reach unprecedented heights in April, surpassing all previous records.

In the upcoming two weeks, if the government maintains current oil prices, the Price Differential Claims (PDC) for Oil Marketing Companies and Refineries are projected to reach Rs. 36.07 per litre for High-Speed Diesel (HSD) and Rs. 19.64 per litre for petrol.

Sources estimate that during the first two weeks of April (1-15), the ex-depot price is expected to reach Rs. 169.50 per litre, compared to the current Rs. 149.86 per litre (16-31 March).

Moreover, for the next fortnight starting from 1st April, the ex-depot price of High-Speed Diesel (HSD) is anticipated to be Rs. 180.22 per litre, a significant increase from the current Rs. 144.15 per litre.

Documents indicate that the projected Price Differential Claims (PDC) for Light Diesel Oil (LDO) will be Rs. 28.33 for the next two weeks, and Rs. 30.78 for Kerosene oil.

The rise in PDC can be attributed to the escalating international oil prices, which surpassed $120 per barrel on 25th March.



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