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UN chief calls Russia-Ukraine war ‘unwinnable’

UNITED NATIONS: UN chief Antonio Guterres said Tuesday that it was the ideal opportunity for Russia to end their “ludicrous conflict” in Ukraine, announcing the contention “unwinnable.”

The Secretary-General of the United Nations has expressed his views on the Russia-Ukraine war, describing it as ‘unwinnable.’ Speaking at the UN headquarters in New York, he highlighted the dire situation in Mariupol, a city that has been under siege by Russian forces. He emphasized that even if Mariupol were to fall, Ukraine could not be defeated through a city-by-city, street-by-street, house-by-house approach.

The Secretary-General stressed that further fighting would only lead to more suffering, destruction, and horror. While diplomatic negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv have been ongoing, no significant progress has been announced thus far. However, the Secretary-General expressed hope that the talks were making some headway and that there was enough on the table to halt hostilities and engage in genuine negotiations.

He emphasized the inevitability of shifting from the battlefield to the peace table, stating that the war was unwinnable. The upcoming emergency meeting of the UN General Assembly will address the Ukraine crisis and vote on a non-binding resolution condemning Russia’s invasion. The outcome of the vote will reveal whether Russia has gained or lost support since the previous resolution.

It is worth noting that South Africa has presented an alternative draft resolution that calls for an end to hostilities but does not specifically mention Russia as the aggressor, in contrast to the French and Mexican resolution.



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